Drought Continues

Cheyenne, Wy – Despite recent rains, Wyoming officials
say the state is still in danger of drought.
The City of Cheyenne has received nearly 3 inches of rain so far
this month, more than 2 inches above the average monthly rainfall.
But in terms of year-to-date precipitation, Wyoming's capital
city is more than an inch below the normal level of nearly
8-point-9 inches.
State Climatologist Steve Gray says that while the recent rains
have been great, Wyoming is always on the edge of having a drought.
Wyoming officials predicted higher than normal run-off early
this spring as a result of good winter snowpack in the mountains.
However, the snowfall slowed in late spring and the state's
reservoirs ended up receiving far less water than anticipated.
John Lawson, manager of the Wyoming Area Office of the U-S
Bureau of Reclamation, said the state received nearly a
half-million acre feet less water in spring runoff than it
predicted in February.