Early Turnout May Not Mean Much

Cheyenne, Wy – Some Wyoming counties are reporting
higher-than-normal absentee and early voting today (Monday).
But that doesn't necessarily foretell high turnout when polls
open tomorrow.
County clerks say one reason is that absentee and early voting
seems to be becoming more popular. They say it's possible that a
larger percentage of voters are casting absentee ballots.
Count Vice President Dick Cheney among the trendsetters. He
voted weeks ago in Teton County and has made a point of mentioning
that he's already voted for gubernatorial candidate Ray Hunkins and
the other Republicans running in the state.
In Laramie County, County Clerk Debbye Lathrop (LAY-throp) says
the number of early and absentee ballots cast this year could be
nearly double the number cast in 2002.
Lathrop says for many voters, it's a matter of convenience. She
says they like to cast ballots while they're at the courthouse
paying their property taxes or renewing their license plates.