East Entrance May Open This Weekend

Yellowstone National Park – Work crews opened an emergency
lane today (Wednesday) on Yellowstone's East Entrance Road, which
remains closed to regular traffic since several mudslides Sunday
Park officials are optimistic that the road could be reopened to
normal traffic by Friday.
Following heavy rain Sunday, the slides trapped 16 people in
four vehicles. All were rescued safely, though some had to crawl
out their car windows because of mud that was up to four feet deep.
About ten-thousand cubic yards of rock, dirt and water slid down
a steep slope east of Sylvan Pass, covering about three-quarters of
a mile of roadway.
The debris must be removed before crews can begin repairing
washed-out guardrails and undermined pavement.
It was the third closure of Yellowstone's east entrance over the
past four summers. Fires forced shutdowns in 2003 and 2001.