Economic Devlopment Group May Fold

Rawlins, WY – The future of the Carbon County Economic Development Corporation will be decided at a meeting Monday evening. A dispute has arisen among Corporation board members over funding from the Carbon County Commission. Commissioners agreed to put $50,000 dollars forward, but that's half of what the organization had requested. Corporation President Harry Lovato says a group of board members believe, at this point, it would be best to disband. He believes it's only a minority of the board that wants to disband. Lovato and others think the corporation can function with the available funding, and he thinks the County Commissioners are challenging the economic development group to produce results. In the past, Lovato says they have failed to communicate their successes and because of that the public perceives the Corporation as ineffective. The full membership of the organization is meeting Monday evening to decide whether it wants to stay in business.