Economy helps boost domestic violence numbers

Cheyenne, Wy – The number of people seeking domestic violence services in the state rose from just over 44 hundred for fiscal year 2008 to nearly 4900 in 2009. That's according to information from the Wyoming Division of Victim Services. Director Julie Tennant-Caine links the shift to recent volatility in the state economy.
"As our economy increased and we had more transient workers moving into our communities, you saw an increase in domestic violence. But now what we're seeing is that those levels are really being sustained in part because we're losing some of the jobs in our state. Which increases tension, which then leads to more acts of domestic violence."
Tennant-Caine says reports of domestic violence increase hand-in-hand with awareness of it as a violent crime. 23 domestic violence and sexual assault centers throughout Wyoming share about five million dollars in annual funding.