Education group calculates economic impact of dropping out

Laramie, WY – A new study from the Washington, D.C.-based Alliance for Excellent Education evaluates the economic impact of the state's high school dropout numbers. Spokesman Jason Amos says that, across the state, about 2,000 students dropped out from the class of 2010. And according to the organization's analysis, if that number were cut by half, the state could see a significant economic boost. "We estimate that they would earn about $6.7 million more in an average year compared to their likely earnings without a diploma," Amos said. "And that money isn't just going to go under a mattress. That money's going to go into the local economy."

Amos says those earnings would allow an additional 4 point 9 million dollars in spending during an average year, and that state tax revenues would likely grow by as much as 300 thousand dollars annually.