Education to Strengthen Marriage

Casper, WY – Divorce rates in the country aren't as alarming as they used to be, but are still too high according to a Marriage Specialist who will be speaking in Casper this week. Susan Blumberg is among the keynote speakers at the Wyoming Conference on the Family. She says the often-cited figure of 50% of marriages ending in divorce is no longer the case. But Blumberg says it's only down to around 40-42%. She believes the problem is people don't place their marriage high enough on their list of priorities. Blumberg will be speaking about a marriage education program she helped develop. Blumberg says it's different from marriage counseling. She says instead of trying to tackle marital problems as they come up, their program tries to give couples the tools they need to handle those issues long before they spark arguments. The Wyoming Conference on the Family runs from Wednesday through Saturday at the Holiday Inn in Casper.