Educators Split Over Amendment A

Laramie, WY – Voters will decide Tuesday whether or not to change the way money is distributed to Wyoming school districts. Supporters say it could prevent future lawsuits and make education funding more equitable. But about three school districts would lose money under the proposal. Pinedale School District Business Manager Vern McAdams says his district gets more money than average. McAdams opposes the amendment and would even it he was still in his old job in rural Laramie county. He says it looks like a good idea to those school districts who don't receive more money than the state average. But McAdams fears it will lead to more inequities. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Trent Blankenship supports the amendment. He agrees with the Wyoming Supreme Court that the state's mineral wealth should benefit all Wyoming students. McAdams and other education also are worried that voters are confused by the working of the amendment.