Elk And Bison Management Plan Unveiled

Jackson, Wy – Federal agencies want to use public
hunting to kill more elk and bison to reduce the herds that winter
on the National Elk Refuge near Jackson in northwest Wyoming.
The U-S Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service
announced today (Wednesday) that they intend to reduce the number
of elk that spend the winter on the elk refuge near Jackson from as
many as 75-hundred currently to about five-thousand.
The agencies want the number of bison that winter on the refuge
to be reduced from more than eleven-hundred to around 500.
The agencies say they want to reduce the populations out of
concern over the possible spread of wildlife diseases, including
brucellosis. The disease causes pregnant cows to abort.
The agencies prepared the environmental study in response to
litigation from the Humane Society of the United States. A
spokesman for the group says it opposes using sport hunting to kill
bison when the high bison population is the result of the
supplemental elk feeding program.
Instead, the spokesman says that the supplemental feeding should
be scaled back. The group is considering further litigation over
the plan.