Elk refuge warns outdoorsmen about grizzly sightings

Aug 30, 2013

The National Elk Refuge is advising visitors to be on the lookout for grizzlies.

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Two adult bears have been spotted on separate occasions in the refuge over the last couple weeks.

Elk Refuge spokeswoman Lori Iverson says although grizzlies hadn’t been seen on the refuge in decades, more of the bears have been showing up around the Jackson Hole area recently. Iverson says she doesn’t know why the bears seem to be moving south from the Yellowstone area, but that the refuge is doing its part to warn the public.

We’ve been taking extra precautions this week to make sure that people that are visiting the refuge, particularly people that are participating in hunting programs this fall are aware of grizzlies in the area.”

She’s not sure whether bear sightings will overlap with elk feeding.

“Primarily on the National Elk Refuge, we’re a winter habitat, so I don’t know how many grizzly-elk encounters we’ll see on the Refuge during the wintertime, when the grizzlies are hibernating.”

Iverson says visitors should carry bear spray with them and know how to use it.