1:50 pm
Thu February 20, 2014

Emiline Ostlind - Big Horn WY

Credit emileneostlind.com
Emiline Ostlind on how listening to WPR helped her through her homesickness and let her know she was back home in Wyoming.

My name is Emiline Ostlind, I’m from Big Horn Wyoming. I grew up in Wyoming but I’ve lived out of state a couple of times. I spent a little over a year in Washington D.C. and when I lived there I would stream Wyoming Public Radio online because I loved hearing the weather in Pinedale, and just little snippets of information, and underwriting statements from businesses I recognized.

It helped me get through some of my homesickness when I lived there. I also spent a year in Colorado. My favorite thing about moving back to Wyoming from Colorado was being able to pick up WPR in my car again. So that really let me know I had made it back to my home state.