Eminent Domain To Be Debated

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming landowners are seeking changes in
the law governing the seizure of private property for public
Lining up against any drastic changes to the eminent domain law
are oil and gas companies, utilities and municipalities.
On Monday, the Legislature's Joint Agriculture, Public Lands and
Water Resources Interim Committee will hear public comment and
discuss possible changes to the state's eminent domain law in
Cheyenne. The panel will look over draft legislation that proposes
a number of changes to the law.
Eminent domain powers are used to seize property for public
projects, such as highways.
Landowners contend the law now leaves them at a disadvantage
when facing developers of oil and gas, power lines and pipelines
wielding the threat of eminent domain. But developers counter the
current law is fair and necessary in obtaining rights of way and
easements to deliver Wyoming's energy resources to consumers in the
state and across the nation.