Enviro groups support Gingery’s bison plan

Aug 29, 2012

Some environmental groups say they support a plan to alter bison hunting rules. The proposal by Rep. Keith Gingery of Jackson would end the once-in-a-lifetime limit on hunting cow bison and would drastically reduce the cost of nonresident licenses.

The goal is to get the bison population down to about 500, from a high of 12-hundred.

Lloyd Dorsey with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition likes the idea.

“It is hard on habitat when too many of those large herbivores are concentrated in too small of an area, which has been the characteristic of the National Elk Refuge for generations now,” Dorsey said.

The population is already decreasing under current hunting guidelines, but many feel it’s not happening fast enough. And Dorsey and others say a plan like Gingery’s could help speed up the process.