Enzi And Barrasso Will Keep Stevens Donations

Washington D-C – Wyoming's two senators, John Barrasso and Mike Enzi, are holding on to campaign cash donated by indicted Republican Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska. Stevens' political action committee has donated $6,000 to
Barrasso since he was nominated to the Senate in June 2007 and $10,000 to Enzi since 2001. Both senators are up for election this November.
Stevens is charged with lying about accepting gifts from oil services contractor Veco Corp. Enzi said in a statement that he will "look at his options" if a link is found between Stevens' campaign funds and the gifts. Barrasso spokesman Joe Milczewski said the senator will let "justice run its course" before making a decision on the donations.
At least five other Republicans up for re-election shed contributions from Stevens and his political action committee