Enzi fails in his attempt to change insurance standard

Washington D-C –
As the Senate Finance committee continues working on a health care overhaul, the committee rejected an amendment by Wyoming U-S Senator Mike Enzi. Enzi opposes a provision in the bill that requires all Americans to have a minimum standard of health insurance coverage. Consumers would be fined if they fail to meet that coverage. Enzi's attempt was to lower the standard of coverage. He says the way the bill is currently drafted would hurt consumers.
If they want to buy insurance they can, but there are three other plans with higher premiums, so if they want more they can more. But if they want less we are saying no. The federal government says you can't buy less.
Enzi says that means that some people would have to buy more coverage then they are currently paying for. He adds that some of them will not be able to afford it. The bill does allow those who meet low income guidelines to be excluded from the requirement.