Enzi pushes state's rights measure

Washington D-C – Wyoming U-S Senators Mike Enzi, John Barrasso and a host of others have introduced a resolution that would ask states to amend the U.S. Constitution to allow states to repeal federal laws and regulations. During a news conference today/Thursday,Senator Enzi said the measure is important because there are too many regulations that hurt states.
"That way unelected bureaucrats won't be able to impose things on the states that they feel is really their right, their need and the will of the people who live in those states."
But the Director of the Wyoming Democratic Party, Bill Luckett, calls the measure " a disturbing attempt to weaken the Union." He says supporters of the resolution are caught up in anti-government rhetoric and are taking the issue six steps too far. Enzi has referred to the resolution as bi-partisan legislation, yet no Democrat has signed on as a co-sponsor.