Enzi Supports Bush's Pick For Top Doc

Laramie, WY – Wyoming Republican Senator Mike Enzi is voicing support for President Bush's pick to be the next Surgeon General.

Dr. James Holsinger is under fire from Democrats for his writings on homosexuality.

In Senate conformation hearings Thursday, Democrats attacked Holsinger for a 1991 paper describing gay sexual practices as pathological.

The paper, written for a Methodist Church council, says that human anatomy quote speaks for itself that homosexual behavior is unhealthy

Enzi is the senior Republican on the committee that held hearings on Holsinger's nomination. He says he asked the nominee in private if he would serve all Americans.

I found his responses to be open, forthcoming, knowledgeable, compassionate, all of the qualifications that you'd expect from a doctor, Enzi said.

Holsinger promised to address the health care of all Americans regardless of their sexuality if he's confirmed. The committee must vote on the nomination before it goes to the Senate floor.