Enzi won't support bill out of Finance Committee

Laramie, WY –
The bipartisan effort to craft a health care bill seems to have fallen apart. Wyoming's senior U-S Senator Mike Enzi WAS a big part of this effort. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay reports.

A group of six senators from both parties, including Senator Enzi, have met for several months trying to come up with a bill that Republicans and Democrats could support. Wednesday that bill was unveiled by Democrat Max Baucus from Montana. And Enzi says he can't support it. He says there are fundamental issues the six senators weren't able to resolve by the deadline set for them.
"I am deeply disappointed that we could not take the time to find ways to resolve these issues. The proposal released today still spends too much, and it does too little to cut health care costs for those with health insurance."
The plan would cover 30 million people who currently don't insurance. It does not include a public option. The cost is also the lowest of any of the proposals moving forward in Congress.
For Wyoming Public Radio I'm Renny MacKay.