The EPA Comes To Pavillion

Laramie, WY – The Environmental Protection Agency is holding a public meeting in the central Wyoming town of Pavillion next Tuesday. That's to discuss the second round of water well testing in the community. For years, Pavillion residents have complained about oily and foul-smelling water, and a range of health problems. Many say they think oil and gas development in the area could be responsible. The first round of water well surveys, last year, found chemical compounds in a number of wells. Next week, the E-P-A will release and explain the results of the second phase of well testing. John Fenton chairs a group called Pavillion Area Concerned Citizens. He says he hopes that these results will allow further investigation about the source of the contamination to move forward.

"That's what I'm hoping," says Fenton. "You know, even though we're trying to eliminate any exposure we may have - potential exposure we may have - it gets stressful. We haul drinking water an 80-mile roundtrip now we go to get drinking water."

Fenton says the first round of testing found methane and a rare chemical compound in his water well. E-P-A officials will also hold private meetings with all area residents whose wells have been sampled.