EPA still has concerns about haze

Pinedale, Wy – The Environmental Protection Agency is concerned that the state is not doing enough to address its haze pollution in western Wyoming. The haze comes from industry development and the state is trying to develop an adequate plan to solve the problem. But so far, the E-P-A has been unimpressed. The E-P-A is concerned that the D-E-Q has not addressed some concerns the agency has pointed out. Bruce Pendery of the Wyoming Outdoor Council is asking that the E-P-A force the state to reduce haze in the area.
"They're trying to achieve natural visibility conditions in these Class 1 areas, and what the state has been doing so far does not give us comfort that they will achieve natural visibility conditions."
Pendery says if the state does not properly act to reduce haze, the E-P-A could take over the regulation of air in that part of the state.