Evacuation Order In Jackson Downgraded To Advisory

Apr 14, 2014

An evacuation order is being downgraded to an advisory for some homes and apartments under threat from a slow-moving landslide in Jackson. An evacuation order will remain in effect for five residences within a high-risk zone where geologists are seeing slope movement of about an inch a day.

Even though residents in lower-risk areas are allowed to move back, Acting Police Chief Cole Nethercott says he's not encouraging them to do so.

"We will allow people to reoccupy that area," Nethercott says. "We suggest they don't, we strongly suggest they don't because it's still not the safest of areas and it could be involved in a larger problem. But if they access that area it's going to have to be by foot only."

The only access road to homes in the hillside development will remain closed. Nethercott says heavy equipment will be occupying that road as efforts to stabilize the slope get underway. The Jackson Town Council is discussing options for stabilization.