Evanston Restoration Project Requires Clean-Up

Laramie, Wy – The city of Evanston wants to restore the old Union Pacific rail yard. U-P owned the site and donated it to the city in the 1970s. Now, Evanston wants to restore the existing buildings and build a parking lot on the yard.
The city's Director of Administrative Services, Jim Davis says, the problem is there are some contaminants there and though they aren't hazardous for people's health they need to deal with them because they don't want them affected by run off. Fortunately he says the parking lot they're building could seal some of the metals in.
Wyoming's Congressional delegation has asked the Environmental Protection Agency to give Evanston a grant to do the clean-up. Davis says if they don't get help from the E-P-A or the state they will hold local fund raisers to pay for the work, which he says will cost about half a million dollars.