Failure of health care related bills could have other impacts.

Laramie, Wy – A legislative observer hopes that the state won't have to pay in the long run for the decision to reject some health reform measures this past legislative session. The most notable would have expanded the Children's health insurance program and the other would have set up at statewide pilot program dealing with the health care needs of low income people. Sarah Gorin of the Equality State Policy center believes lawmakers were trying to save money when they voted against those measures. But she says it's possible the defeat of the legislation could lead to other costs. "The cost to providers around the state that we are anxious to keep. The cost to our county public hospitals. The cost to families who are unable to get the employment they should be getting, or who are unable to be economically self sufficient because health care is such a drag on their family finances."
Gorin says that many times there is a disconnect between legislators and less affluent citizens.