Farm Bureau will kick of Ag Literacy Week

Feb 10, 2012

February thirteenth will mark the start of Ag Literacy Week. It’s an effort to promote the Wyoming Farm Bureau’s Ag Books for Kids program, where young farmers go into classrooms to educate kids about agriculture.

Raenell Taylor is the State Vice-Chair of the Wyoming Young Farmer and Rancher Committee.  

She says, "Wyoming is an agricultural state in general, but we’ve had where we’ve gone in classrooms and there might be some kids where they really don’t know that much about agriculture. They don’t know where their food or bread come from, they think it’s just from the store."

Participants like Taylor will read the book Soil, Seed, Sun, by Cris Peterson in classrooms. And Taylor says Peterson’s book has also been delivered to school libraries across the state. 

The aim of the program is to keep a new generation interested in agriculture and, perhaps, get some new recruits.