FE Warren Part of Air Force Mission to Use More Renewable Energy

Laramie, Wy – Of all the companies and governmental organizations in the country the Air Force uses the most renewable energy. The Environmental Protection Agency put out its Green Power list for 2006 and it says the Air Force uses one million mega watt hours of energy from sources like wind or solar. That is enough to power 100 thousand homes for a year.
At F-E Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne there are two wind turbines, trucks use biodiesel and they reuse old concrete to build new roads. Lieutenant Colonel Joe Ballard oversees the environmental staff. He says they are proud of their work and try to be visionary to take care of resources for today and tomorrow's generation.
F-E Warren is home to protected species that Ballard says they work to keep safe. Plus the base uses bugs to control weeds instead of pesticides.