Federal Health Care In Wyoming

Laramie, WY – Wyoming hospitals are still trying to figure out how the new federal health care law will impact them and a lack of information is a major concern. U-S Representative Cynthia Lummis is visiting numerous hospitals in the state this week. She says the people at the hospitals have a lot of questions ranging from how changes to reimbursement rules might affect them, to the impacts of a variety of mandates in the bill. Lummis says one example is an issue that was raised at a health care facility in Wyoming staffed by six people

"There is concern that new rules will require a physician to be on site when certain treatment regimens are being administered that doing not have to be administered by a Physician," says Lummis. "So in a small facility that becomes an impairment to their ability to actually deliver those treatment regimens."

Lummis says Congress could resolve these issues with either rule changes or legislation that fixes mistakes. But she says the lack of information about the new bill has many hospitals and providers concerned.