Feds Kill Montana Wolves

Laramie, Wy – The last two members of the sheep-eating Lone Bear Wolf pack have been killed south of Livingston, Montana.
The pack, which roamed around the northern part of Paradise Valley, killed 38 sheep over the course of a year on two adjoining ranches along the Old Yellowstone Trail Road.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service says the alpha male and a female were killed this past week. And the wolf recovery coordinator for Montana, Ed Bangs, says the control action for the Lone Bear Pack is over.
The wolves were shot by federal agents in a helicopter.
The Lone Bear pack first attacked rancher Bob Weber's sheep in December 2003.
Federal agents killed two of the wolves immediately afterward. Two more were killed in September 2004 and another male was killed on January 26th.
Environmental groups protested the killings and attempted to deter the wolves from the ranches of Bob and Hubie Weber. Bob Weber says he's glad the pack is gone but expects another one to move in maybe in a year or two.