Feds sending more money to Wyoming for coal mine cleanup

Laramie, WY – The Department of the Interior says it's sending Wyoming more than $133
million dollars to clean up abandoned coal mines. This award was announced today/Wednesday. The federal government is distributing a total of 395 million dollars to 25 states and three American Indian groups.
Wyoming, the nation's No. 1 coal producer, gets the biggest single award. The money comes from fees on U.S. coal production.
Much of the money, though, is going to be eastern coal producing states.
West Virginia, the nation's No. 2 coal producer, gets $51.3 million, while Pennsylvania gets $47.6 million. Kentucky will receive $37.7 million and Virginia just over $9 million.
Illinois gets more than $17.2 million and Indiana $13.1 million.
The Crow and Hopi tribes and Navajo Nation are getting more than $9 million.