Feedground Study Underway

Lander, Wy – A Cheyenne consulting firm has launched a study on the 22 western Wyoming elk feedgrounds. The feedgrounds are run by the state to prevent winter starvation, but are areas where diseases like brucellosis are heavily concentrated. The Wyoming Brucellosis Coordination Team heard a presentation of the Western EcoSystems Technology study today (Thursday). Project Manager Dale Strickland says the purpose is to identify opportunities to close feedgrounds and move elk onto native winter ranges. Strickland says they will categorize each of the 22 feedgrounds as High, Medium, or Low opportunities for moving elk to native ranges. The Game and Fish is conducting a more detailed analysis of a handful of feedgrounds. Director Terry Cleveland says the two studies will complement each other. And he insists that there's no preconceived idea for what direction to go with feedgrounds.