FEMA Still At Work in Wright

Laramie, Wy – The Federal Emergency Management Agency is still in the town of Wright. Six months after a tornado ripped through the community FEMA is working to ensure people affected are taken care of. The agency supplied 60 mobile homes to replace trailers destroyed by the tornado. Mayor Ralph Kingan is complimentary of FEMA. He says the only thing the federal government could have done better was to improve the National Weather Service's Doppler radar. He says the radar based is out of Rapid City, SD and Riverton, WY and there is inadequate covering for Campbell County. He says if it was better it might have given residents of Wright more time to respond before the tornado hit.
Kingan says the effort to improve the radar is stalled now, but he expects some action on it soon. He says he spoke to Senator Craig Thomas about the issue this week.
Two people died because of the tornado and over a dozen were injured.