"A Few Thousand" First Interstate Accounts Among Those Compromised

Billings, MT – First Interstate Bank says a few thousand of their customers were among the 40 million people affected by the security breach that left credit and debit cards open to possible fraud. Neil Clusson with First Interstate says less then 10% of their debit-cardholders were affected. He says the bank is reissuing cards and pin numbers to avoid any fraudulent activity. Clusson wants it to be clear that this was not a breach of First Interstate security, but a breach at a national processor of credit and debit card payments. He says with 40 million accounts impacted, he thinks every bank, credit union, and savings and loan that issues credit and debit cards was probably affected. Mark Moran heads up the Consumer Protection Unit in the Wyoming Attorney General's office. Moran says this type of problem will likely become more common in the future as electronic transactions increase. He encourages people to carefully review their monthly credit card statements and to verify that all charges are legitimate.