Few Wyoming Drivers Buckle Up

Laramie, Wy – A new report says more Americans are wearing seatbelts. Federal officials say that nationally 82 percent of the public is buckling up. While federal officials say they don't have reliable statistics about Wyoming Sergeant Steve Townsend of the Wyoming Highway Patrol says their most recent numbers show that 70 percent of people driving in Wyoming are wearing restraints, while just 56 percent of Wyoming residents are buckling up. That is a low number admits Townsend. He says if you read the fatal traffic reports that he sends out the majority of people who die on highways are not wearing seatbelts. Some have suggested that Wyoming should have a primary seatbelt law which would allow officers to ticket people not wearing restraints but such legislation has been viewed as heavy handed and has been defeated. Townsend says they simply try and educate people that air bags are not enough and that seatbelts do make a difference.