Fight against aquatic invaders is underway

Laramie, WY – The state Game and Fish Department has launched a program intended to prevent an outbreak of aquatic invasive species in Wyoming. The Department is asking people to check for mussels that latch onto watercraft. Boaters will have to purchase a decal and may be required to go through an inspection. Beth Bear is coordinating the effort and she says mussels can clog waterways harm fisheries among other things, "They can effect recreation, their sharp shells can wash up on shore, affecting shoreline recreation. They can attach to boats and so they clog intakes of boats, clog propellers, they'll completely encrust the hull of the boats and have harmful effects on boats and boating."
Bear says they are urging people to drain their boats, clean their boats and then dry them, before moving from one body of water to another. The state legislature passed a law implementing the new policy in March.