Files Sealed in Sheridan Murder Case

Laramie, Wy – Court files have been closed in the case
of a Sheridan man accused of gunning down a teenager after commandeering her car, but a newspaper's attorney plans to fight the order.
District Judge John Brackley granted a defense motion closing the files to protect Stephen C. Hyatt's right to a fair trial. He's charged in the shotgun death of 18-year-old Kaleigh Ford last July 2nd.
Bruce Moats is a Cheyenne attorney representing The Sheridan Press.
He says that under Wyoming law, courts are not allowed to close
court files in that type of case without providing a factual basis for the decision.
Moats says he has reviewed pretrial media coverage and hasn't seen any that would justify closing the files.
Moats intends to lodge a formal objection.
Hyatt is scheduled to go on trial in October.