Final Senate Prison Vote Coming Thursday

Cheyenne, WY – Once again, Torrington has survived an attempt to place the new medium security prison in another location. Wednesday, State Senator Bob Peck tried to convince the Senate to place the prison in Riverton, saying that it has more amenities, the largest prison industry in the state, and even a strong education program. But opponents urged Senators not to stray from Torrington. Goshen County Economic Development Director Brad Sutherland says the discussion over the last two days has been frustrating. He says when the state looks at where to place any type of facility in the future, it might as well only be centralized communities that should apply. He's getting tired of hearing how Torrington, as a border town, doesn't deserve the prison. Sutherland is nervous because there seems to be some support for putting the prison in Rawlins. The final vote by the Senate will occur Thursday morning.