Fire danger high in Tetons

Aug 7, 2013

Credit U.S. Dept of Agriculture

Fire danger rose to a “high” rating this week for both Bridger-Teton National Forest and Grand Teton National Park, due to a combination of warm weather, low humidity and strong winds.

Traci Weaver, a spokeswoman for Bridger-Teton, says that dry vegetation and a higher-than-usual number of lightning strikes already posed a fire risk… But campers have abandoned more than 100 campfires this season, compounding the danger. Weaver urges campers to be responsible forest stewards.

“What people need to recognize is that they should never leave a campfire unless it is cold to the touch. And that means if you’re staying somewhere not near water, you need to bring water with you. Put water on your fire; stir it; put dirt on it, and make sure it is COLD before you leave it,” Weaver added.

The fine for an abandoned campfire is $225, but campers can also be held liable for the costs of fighting any campfire that becomes a wildfire.