Fire managers say that big fires could occur in Wyoming

Laramie, Wy – It's been a quiet year for wildfires in Wyoming. To date there have been 450 across the state burning less than 50 thousand acres. Both of those totals are well below average. But, fire meteorologist, Tim Mathewson, says there could still be some big blazes this fall. Mathewson works for the Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center. He says the warm dry weather is one problem, but so are cold fronts that will be moving across the state.
"Typically ahead of these fronts we get the warmest temperatures, lowest humidities and strongest winds and that's a perfect environment to create large fire."
Mathewson says these fall fires typically only burn for a couple of days before the
cold weather comes and knocks down the fire, but he says they can be very
destructive. Mathewson also says in the fall humans cause most of the fires.