Fires Continue In Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park – The east entrance to
Yellowstone National Park has been temporarily closed again,
because of the Columbine Fire.
The fire advanced toward a section of the East Entrance Road,
prompting the closure at 7 last night (Tuesday).
Park officials will re-evaluate the closure this morning. They
say they intend to reopen the road to traffic as soon as access can
be safely resumed.
The Columbine Fire was started by lightening and was estimated
yesterday (Tuesday) at 10,000 acres or about 16 square miles.
This is the second time the East Entrance Road has been
temporarily closed due to the threat posed by the Columbine Fire,
and the third time the road has been temporarily closed this
A small mudslide near Sylvan Pass led to an overnight closure in
late July. The road had been temporarily closed due to the fire
from late Sunday afternoon until 8 a.m. yesterday.