Flash flood kills family of 4 near Saratoga

Saratoga, WY – Four people have died following a flash flood near the junction of the Snowy Range road and Wyoming 230 near Saratoga. The Wyoming Department of Transportation's Dave Kingham says that first reports of flooding came after midnight. He says it was caused by a torrential downpour that clogged up a drainage culvert. "It ended up leaving a trench we are estimating 25 feet wide there. And at least two vehicles drove into that and there were at least four fatalities."
The four who died were Laurel R. Constantindies and her three children from Colorado Springs. Kingham says authorities have searched the area by air to see if other cars might have driven into the flood waters and whether anyone else was caught up by the flood. Kingham adds that a nearby campground was also evacuated. He says it may take up to a week for the road to be repaired.