Flooding continues in Carbon County too

Laramie, WY – Officials are closely monitoring floodwaters in Carbon County, where a flood warning has been in effect since last week. Between 30 and 40 thousand sandbags are in place in Saratoga, and thousands more are on hand. Saratoga Mayor and Carbon County Emergency Manager John Zeiger says waters are high in Medicine Bow as well. There, sandbags are in place to protect the sewer system, and a family had to be evacuated from a trailer.
"The floodwater didn't wash the trailer away, but it did get high enough that it ran through the trailer. They do have a bunkhouse on one of the local ranches that they haven't been able to get to. There is a family that is kind of surrounded by water, but they seem to be doing okay and they haven't called for any assistance yet."
Zeiger says about a foot of snow fell in the Snowy Range over the weekend, and that will probably mean higher water levels later in the week, as temperatures warm and the runoff increases.