Floodwaters recede in Laramie

Laramie, Wyo. – It seems like the worst of the flooding in Laramie has passed. This morning the water level had dropped, which surprised officials who had expected the Laramie River to rise until about midday. No homes were seriously damaged and residents were minimally affected by floodwaters.

At a press conference today, Mayor Jodi Guerin thanked the 1,200 people who helped with sandbagging, and said that for now, volunteers are not needed. "We've got most of it under control unless circumstances change," she said. "So, if we get heavy rain, if the snowmelt channels this direction and the river starts to rise, we'll be back needing volunteers. We will also need volunteers as we start to clean up."

That might be days away. Guerin and other officials said they do not yet know the total costs of the flooding, but they are applying for a disaster declaration.