Food Sales Tax Relief Moves Forward

Cheyenne, WY – Wyomingites looking for some tax relief got some good news Thursday. The state House approved a bill to remove the sales tax on food. But, a bill to reduce the total state sales tax from four to three percent died. Representative Ann Robinson is sponsoring the measure to get rid of tax on food. She says it would save a family of four between 400 and 500 dollars a year. Robinson says legislators are sitting at every dinner-table in Wyoming, taking a bite out of every family's food. She says it's not because they're hungry, but because they can. Robinson believes taxes should be necessary and taxing food is not. The house also approved several other proposals to help people deal with high heating bills. For the most part these would aid low income and elderly Wyomingites. Meanwhile, there is not going to be a program to distribute the budget surplus directly to citizens this year. The House decided to kill that effort. Opponents of said it would create an entitlement.