Forest money could be shifted to fight beetles

Riverton, Wy – It's possible that National Forests in the region will not be able to provide all of the services they have in the past. That is because officials at the federal level are shifting funds in an effort to be more aggressive in dealing with trees killed by beetles. Shoshone National Forest Supervisor Becky Aus admits that may mean campgrounds will close and some other services eliminated. While she is reviewing the impacts to the Shoshone Forest, she also says that it makes sense to focus priorities.
"In a dream world you would like to deliver everything. But if you don't have the financial resources to do everything, my hope would be that we would thoughtfully prioritize this so we can start taking these issues on aggressively in the area that needs to be treated."
Aus says dying trees puts the public at risk, both inside and outside the forest. She says the proposal would mean more money to deal with beetle killed trees in southern Wyoming.