Forest Service District Ranger Will Take Action On Off Road Vehicles

Laramie, Wy – Users of non motorized trails in the Pole Mountain area of the Medicine Bow National forest have been encountering a growing number of off road vehicles this summer. The trails near Laramie, normally feature hikers, mountain bike riders and runners. But lately those people have encountered All Terrain Vehicles and Motorcycles. Laramie District Ranger Larry Sandoval admits there is a growing problem which is why they will be adding a new law enforcement officer next month for that area. He says they also have recently hired a number of what are called Field Protection Officers. Sandoval understands that trail issues can be confrontational, but he hopes the enhanced law enforcement presence will solve current problems.
Sandoval says there are no plans to allow motorized users access to non motorized trails. But he adds that forests need to allow for multiple uses and their will be places that motorized vehicles can go.