Forest Service implements fire restrictions

Jun 15, 2012

A recent rash of fires in the region have encouraged the U.S. Forest Service to implement fire restrictions throughout the Medicine Bow National Forest and Thunder Basin National Grassland.


Limited snow pack and dry weather make for prime fire conditions, so the Forest Service is cracking down on building fires, using explosives, smoking, welding or using external combustion engines except in designated areas away from dry plants.


Forest Service spokesman Aaron Voos says fires at Cow Camp, Guernsey State park and the Hyde Park Fire in Colorado have already required enormous man and air-power to fight. Voos says it’s easier and cheaper to prevent fires than to fight them.


“We want people to know that we wouldn’t be making this decision if the danger wasn’t real. And I think anyone around her can understand that there is real danger. They just have to look south and see that smoke.”

Voos says residents should expect similar restrictions in Albany County and on BLM land soon.