Forest Service Will Treat Beetles

Laramie, Wy – The U.S. Forest Service will temporarily
close about 13 campgrounds and picnic areas in the Laramie and Centennial region to spray trees to protect them from bark beetles.
The Laramie Ranger District says the areas will be closed at
varying times starting Monday and continuing through Friday.
Recreation manager Roger Anderson says people will be moved out
of areas when spraying takes place and the sites will be closed for
24 hours to let the spray dry.
The Forest Service hopes to protect the trees from beetles that
have been killing millions of trees across the West.
The spraying locations include the campgrounds of Rob Roy,
Vedauwoo, Bobby Thompson, Lake Owen, Pelton Creek, Miller Lake,
North Fork and Libby Creek.
Also receiving treatment are numerous trailheads along Highway
130, the Centennial Visitor Center and picnic areas at Vedauwoo and
Libby Creek.