Former Bush energy official is critical of the EPA

Aug 7, 2012

The former Undersecretary at the Department of Energy says new environmental guidelines are undermining jobs and the country’s energy security. 

Bud Albright served under the George W. Bush administration and is speaking out against the Environmental Protection Agency, which he says is unfairly driving the energy marketplace by over regulating.  

“They have become the lord overseer of the markets, of what America will develop, how we will develop them and it has thoroughly disadvantaged America…not just in the world market, but in our own economies. ”

Albright says the better approach is to have a strong overall energy policy.  But he says the E-P-A seems too focused on making sure renewable energy is successful at the expense of all other forms of energy. 

Albright says the E-P-A should be making sure the environment is safe, but he says the agency has gone well beyond that.  He says it’s time for Congress and others to rein the agency in.