Former Enron Execs Could Benefit from Energy Legislation

Washington, DC – The US Senate takes up the energy bill again next week and there's a provision in the legislation that could provide tax incentives to build coal gasification plants. Those facilities would turn coal into clean diesel and several companies are looking to build them in Wyoming. The company behind a $2.8 Billion plant near Medicine Bow has raised some eyebrows. Houston-based DKRW Energy is run by four former Enron executives. Wyoming Senator Craig Thomas was asked if he would be comfortable with that company getting financial help from the federal government. Thomas says he doesn't know enough about the company to comment on the ownership. He says the point of the incentives is to move these projects forward. He doesn't know if there's concern about former Enron people, but says if they behaved themselves honestly it shouldn't be held against them. Thomas thinks the prospects of sending an energy bill to President Bush are pretty good this year. Thomas believes there is more recognition of the need for a policy.