Former Laramie Legislator Not Guilty of Fraud

Laramie, WY – After less then four hours of deliberation, a jury in Laramie found a former state legislator not guilty of fraud Monday. Terry Guice was accused of setting up a sham company called TLG Supply. The prosecution said TLG was used to defraud a Montana construction company out of over $52,000 for products that were supposedly never delivered to a road construction project. Guice's attorney Michael Krampner believes it was tough for the prosecution to maintain it was a sham company when the evidence showed that items sold by TLG Supply did end up at the jobsite. Prosecutor Tory Racines agrees that fact probably played a role in the verdict. But he says they contended the fact the items were needed for the job was the beauty of the scheme. Racines says he was disappointed by the verdict, but respects the jury's findings.