Former Legislator Bound Over for Trial

Laramie, WY – A circuit court judge in Laramie refused to dismiss fraud charges against a former state lawmaker Thursday. Judge Randall Arp found there is sufficient evidence against Terry Guice for the case to move to district court and an arraignment that should happen in about a month. Guice is accused of using a phony company to defraud Oftedal Construction Company out of over $50,000. The prosecution claims Guice has been unable to show he actually obtained the items he supposedly sold to Oftedal. The prosecution also points out that Guice returned the money Oftedal paid him, after he was questioned by a private investigator. But Prosecuting Attorney Tory Racines admits their case hinges on circumstantial evidence. Defense Attorney Michael Krampner says the prosecution made a wild allegation and tried to back it up not with evidence, but innuendo. Krampner argued there's evidence that many of the items in question were actually delivered to the construction site. He also pointed out the fact that the alleged co-conspirator in the case has not been charged. Guice served in both the state house and senate and is currently on the Ivinson Memorial Hospital Board.